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I've always thought rare crates were a bit too easy to open after acquiring them.
So I've added my solution to that - it's called Robbinium.
Robbinium will be not only used for rare crate keys, but also other crafting recipes/end game features.


Robbinium Ore is a resource that you can mine using a miner (miners explained below).
Robbinium Ore can be "smelted" into Robbinium Metal by combining an Activity Token with the Robbinium Ore.
Two Robbinium Metal result in a Robbinium Stack. Three Robbinium Stacks + One Metal Key will result in a Robby Key.

This update also allows you to split already-stacked Refined Metal via crafting, so that should make it a bit easier.


Miners are created by combining 3 regular Refined Metals together.
This will give you a usable miner item. When you use it, it'll spawn a miner in front of you. This miner will spawn Robbinium Ore every so often.

Some notes about the miner:

• Miners will stay for the entire map, and save inbetween rounds
• Miners are not solid with players, nor is the ore they create
• You can also pick up the Robbinium Ore while dead / spectating (just fly up and press E on it)
• No one else can pick up your Robbinium Ore
• No one can destroy or interact with your miner
• No one can pick up, destroy, or magneto your spawned ores
• The mining sound will get higher in pitch/speed the closer it is to spawning an ore

Other Update Notes

• CSGO Crate #2 has been added to the drop list
• Added Miner, Robbinium Ore, Robbinium Metal, and Robby Keys
• Robby Keys will now be required to open further rare crates
• Re-added ttt_christmasrobby and the christmas presents as well
• Added the Bug Report Token, which will have a use in the future - I will give this out for good, useful bug reports
• Crates can now have multiple "least rare" items, and will pick one out of all of them. This is used between 2 jihads in the CSGO crate, and can help balance least common crate items
• Minimum players for rare crates reduced, as well as time inbetween
• Moved weapon inspection first person up a bit
• You will now see other people inspect their weapons when spectating in first person
• Fixed various inventory bugs after the overhaul (still more to go)
• Fixed confetti icon
• The M16 now uses rifle ammo instead of pistol
• Melon friend will now remove itself after a minute

I hope you enjoy the update! Can't wait to see y'all in-game :)

> Added new limited crates: RedRocketRover Crate and Taunt Crate #2
> Jihad Crates will drop again for a very short time to get the other jihads out
> Haji Crate will now drop again until it's finished
> You can no longer attach multiple trains together. Sorry.
> Added the Redzepper questline
> Added new limited NPC spawning cades to scratch cards
> Added a new "Sort" button in the inventory to make your life easier
> Added notification when you die telling you who killed you/what role they were
> Added Suicide Pistol to the F1 > Round menu. Has a 1/4 chance of killing yourself, otherwise you drop it.
> Added a spraymesh menu to make things easier. Type !sprays in the chat.
> Added ability to deposit items into your web bank
> Finished hash and dank brownie. Put hash onto a joint for an uber-joint, eat a dank brownie to get a longer lasting high
> Adjusted SpecRP spawning code to make exploiting leaving/entering harder
> Fixed random C4 bug Mint reported

> Added the web lottery system. Buy tickets here: The first one has 25k in it! The more tickets you buy, the better chance you have at winning, and it also raises the jackpot amount. More updates to this soon, including shoutbox support.
> Trading has been completely recoded and is now drag and drop, easier to use, faster, and more secure. It's also somewhat themable.
    This may not seem like a huge thing, but it took me numerous amounts of hours to finish :(
> A new itemtype has been added: Crosshair. Added Crosshair Crate #1
> The Redzepper Common Crate has been added
> Every day that you hop on for at least 45+ minutes you'll receive an Activity Token. These don't do anything yet, but they will. And they will be important.
> Adjusted "Sort Crates To Top/Bottom" to sort by crate number correctly
> Adjusted the +cades menu to display your Cade Favorites at the top
> Adjusted the AUG - it should no longer be horrible. Might need further adjustments.
> Adjusted trophies - when one is used, it can only kill the person who used it to prevent the RDM and trolling
> Fixed Haji Crate not dropping (Sorry Haji ;_;)
> Fixed lvl 100+ cutting off on scoreboard
> Fixed Halo DMR ammo


> Added the new gangs system. Creating a gang cost $50,000 DevBucks, 15 keys, 10 gold bars, and 20 Activity Tokens.
Invite your friends, show the gang name above your head, do gang quests, and gain bonus XP when near your gang! View the new "Gangs" tab in F4 for more info.
This is only the beginning of the Gang system. Dungeoning system for gangs coming soon.
Have ideas for the gang system? Post in suggestions!
> Adjusted SpecRP nametags to be overhead. You must be near players to see their name
> Adjusted Activity Tokens to require 100 minutes in 1 day instead of 45
> Adjusted the weapon selection HUD in bottom right
> Added a decline button to trade requests
> Fixed various small bugs with the new trading
> Fixed trade lag when a lot of chat messages rendered


> The Stats tab on Devolved Player Pages has been finished
> Web Lottery: You can now host your own lotteries for a custom amount and ending date
You get 5% of the DevBucks for every ticket purchased when the Lottery is over
> Web Lottery: Display in the shoutbox when started, or when someone wins

• Added new quest line: Snoop Dawg (must finish Grow dat kush questline as prerequisite)
The Snoop Dawg questline will only be available for the next 4 days!
• Added the 420 2015 Crate filled with recipes for 4/20
• Added new item type: Recipes. You need these in your inventory to craft certain items. Snoop Dawg questline will require trading with people who have the correct recipes.
Recipes will be used for more stuff very soon!
• Added time-limited quests system. You must finish the quest(s) before the time allotted.
• Added fun rounds: Speedhack Round, Melee Round
• Added a new T weapon: Jammer (coded on stream!)
• Added ability for double clicking items to move them to crafting box
• Added "Ton of Huges" like our "Pound of Indoor Kush" etc.
• Added stat: Last Traitors
• Added tiers: Last Innocent, Last Traitors, and additions to current tiers
• Made crates in inventory a little easier to read
• You can now win (some) scratch card bundles from buying scratch cards
• Modified SprayMesh. Optimized the guy's spray code a bit. Also the first time you spray it will ask you to set a URL
• FUN ROUNDS NO LONGER COUNT TO SLAYNR. This means the slay will happen the next round. (Submitted by Bill Nye)
• You can now right click > view sales graph in the inventory (Submitted by Vizzys)
• You can now go into F1 > Settings and choose "Highlight T items through walls" (may affect performance) (Submitted by Vizzys)
• Fixed the ability to spray as a spectator at all
• Fixed the magneto weapon glitch reported by Mint
• Fixed .44 magnum and halo rifle refilling ammo when dropped
• Fixed golden deagle and halo DMR losing ammo
• Fixed undoing trampolines and minecraft sign
• Fixed player icons on mapvote with small resolutions (Submitted by Skippy)
• Fixed spawning dinosaurs on cade round for skippy
• Fixed DB cap being 50k DevBucks to 100K DevBucks
• Platinums can now pick up golden deagle (but cannot buy it)



Saying "this gun sucks" or "this gun is OP" is fine, but don't overdo it.
Use the forum to discuss balancing instead.

JackTard  NOW THE UPDATE LOG  JackTard


• Big additions with this update: Added 3 new rare, limited crates! More cool stuff coming soon.
• You can now craft hemp pounds (and back into singles)
• You can now craft pound of weed + pound of hemp for a pound of joints (and back into singles)
• Scratch card crates no longer drop because they are apparently not worth it.
• Fixed dropping of the Halo MA5B
• Fixed C4 defused stat giving XP in circumstances that it shouldn't
• Allowed M16 to be overridden by TTT so you can have your high damage headshots
• Fixed random medkit error Mint reported

Expect another semi-big update in the next few days! Including quests, website updates, and a new feature - the first one requiring THE BIG BUCKS!

Just a nice little update with general adjustments/additons/fixes :)

• Added a new "!nominate mapname" for platinum members. You can only use this once per hour or so. The same map can't be nominated twice in a row. Also, any maps starting with platinum_ (special, custom, and fun maps) will only last 2 to 3 rounds.
• Added icons that were missing from a bunch our weapons (seen when searching bodies & etc)
• Added "Don't play TTS sounds when alt tabbed" to F1 settings menu
• Added "Don't automatically open the map vote" to F1 settings menu
• Raised market cap price to 100k DB/100 Keys/$100 Wallet Cash. Unlisting feature for managers will come in the next day or so.
• Added tiers: Melee Kills, Turrets Destroyed
• Added stats: C4 Defused (and XP), Deaths
• Fixed crafting order with deathmatch + low gravity
• Fixed merged fun rounds that weren't working correctly (I think)
• Fixed airboat not working
• Optimized some networking related stuff with the F4 menu
• Weed growing will now carry on after the rounds end but will not save when the map ends
• Disabled throwing grenades on a DM round
• Key crafting recipe reduced to 3 metal stacks (done yesterday, just threw it in this log)

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